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History of Alf Curtis

Alf Curtis Home Improvements began operating in 1975. The company started with two employees, Alf Curtis and his wife, June Curtis. During the first year of operation, the business expanded by adding two more employees, including Alf's son, Larry.

The business initially began as a supply and installation company of aluminum products such as sidings, soffits, eavestroughs, storm doors, storm windows, awnings and railings. Alf, himself, already had 16 years of experience in the installation of these products before forming his own company.

The Idea

By 1978, the company was doing very well in the supply and installation business. One problem Alf found, however, was the continuing high cost of having to pick up his material in Toronto. He reasoned that it would be far more beneficial and cost effective if he was to stock some of the more popular products he installed, so he began to inventory some soffit, fascia and eavestroughing products.

Soon after he started inventorying these popular products, other installers in the area began calling, wondering if they could purchase some material from him for their own jobs. It was from this interest that gave Alf the idea of starting a retail cash and carry business selling aluminum products. So, in 1980 the retail side of Alf Curtis Home Improvements was born. Along with selling aluminum products, a vinyl siding line was also introduced to the product offering. Alf built a warehouse in the garage at his own residence to allow him to inventory the products in the quantity needed to support this new retail endeavour.

Home Improvements Grows

By 1980, the business employed approximately ten people. Over the next six years both the retail and the installation sides of the business expanded to the extent that it outgrew its location at Alf's residence. In 1986, Alf purchased 1.3 acres with two buildings on Parkhill Road East and the business was moved from Alf's house to its current location. The business continued to grow and strengthen, thanks to a combination of leadership, competitive pricing and excellent customer service.

In 1994, Alf's thoughts turned to the possibility of expanding into a full line of building materials (lumber, shingles, drywall, etc.). Alf was always looking for ways to grow the business and since there were no other building supply yards in the northeast end of Peterborough, he thought that this would be a viable plan. With this in mind, Alf focused on Castle Building Centres. Castle Building Centers is a group of 250 independent building supply dealers from across Canada who combine their purchasing power to negotiate better services and prices from manufacturers and wholesalers. This in turn allows all the members to sell and service their customers better and more competitively in today's marketplace, so in January of 1995, Alf Curtis Home Improvements joined the Castle Building Centres group.

Alf Curtis Today

Today, Alf Curtis Home Improvements is a three generation family business that employs 60 to 70 highly trained staff and has a wide selection of building materials to suit your requirements. Alf's grandson, Brent Perry, who grew up in the business and has played an active role since 1985, directs his efforts towards managing the building supplies, contractor sales and purchasing side of the business.

The present facility has now grown to over 18 acres encompassing a 1,400 sq.ft. showroom, 42,000 sq.ft of enclosed warehousing, and a 17-acre yard. Alf Curtis Home Improvements also has a fleet of different delivery vehicles to meet all types of delivery needs. Our three boom trucks are capable of lifting three tons seventy feet in the air. allowing us to ensure proper placement and protection of materials at the job site. We also have a "Trough Truck" that goes on-site to make 5" seamless eavestrough. Whatever the length of your house or building, from one to 500 feet long, we can extrude the eavestrough in one piece so that there are no seams and no possibility of leaking.

The experienced staff at our contractor sales desk are always available to give you a very competitive quote on all your building material needs and to answer your questions. Our staff regularly attend product knowledge training seminars to stay current with the newest material advancements. We have three designers on staff who are all qualified MiTek Sapphire Supply© and Epicor's Professional Estimating© software operators. Using Louisiana Pacific© engineered wood floor or roof products, we can engineer a residential or commercial floor or roof system.

In September of 2005 Alf Curtis Home Improvements Inc expanded its operations into Lindsay, Ontario and opened a location that offers the same experience, service and quality of products their customers have come to expect. Our Lindsay location is a 4-1/2 acre site with 25,000 sq.ft. of warehouse space, 1,400 sq.ft. store and over a 3-1/2 acre storage yard.

For the past 40 years, Alf Curtis has been serving the needs of contractors, builders, and consumers providing expert advice and competitive pricing for lumber, building materials, insulation, drywall, roofing materials, and hardware for the Peterborough, Kawartha Lakes, and Lindsay markets.

In May of 2014 we expanded our facilities by opening our 3,200 square foot retail store.

At Alf Curtis, our goal is not to be the largest in the area, but to be the best at what we do. That means offering quality products and selection, second-to-none service, and having the knowledge to help our customers with their projects by providing expert advice. We want to be your trusted building supply partner.

Alf Curtis Tomorrow

Alf continues to be a very active member in the business. The family continues to look for opportunities to improve customer service, product selections and the business as a whole. We have always built our business on quality products, workmanship and service, and this will not change as we move forward. Our goal is not to be the largest in the area, but to be the best at what we do. That means offering quality products and selection, second-to-none service, and having the knowledge to help our customers with all their questions and problems. We want to be your trusted building supply partner.