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Our in-store truss designers help create trusses for residential, agricultural and commercial products for Alf Curtis Home Improvements customers and contractors in Ontario. Engineered trusses for floors and roofs start with basic designs and measurements placed into our advanced computer design software systems. We then send these designs to a dedicated Truss Plant.

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Alf Curtis Home Improvements customers and contractors can use our design services for custom manufactured roof or floor trusses. Our Truss Plant has over 100 years of combined experience and a team of dedicated experts manufacturing trusses daily. They know which permits you may need to apply for, and what labour will be involved. A third-party engineering firm backed by an international plate and software supplier reviews designs so we can arrange to manufacture the best truss solution for your building project.

Our value-added: It's our people and their collective knowledge to design, build, deliver and service your needs at the highest level. We deliver solutions. We don't cut corners.

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